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World Pathways Ensemble

WINTERSNOW - A Christmastime Improvisation

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          The Goin' South Band
  Traditional and Original Music of the South
Take an ride down the old roads and trails of American history to discover the legacy of American musical roots of our own country.  

From the earliest times in the history of our country to modern influences today in music, the Goin' South Band presents concert performances, educational shows, music for wedding receptions and more.

Blues, Old Timey, Appalachian, Native American, Old Jazz and roots Country music are signature styles of music known around the globe. Original and rare vintage instruments are used in each show and discussed individually by the band members extrodinaire.

Band members include west coast legends Rick Shea, Paul Lacques, Fred Sokolow, Paul Marshall, Rich Cuhna and John Zeretzke.


Salaamuna Ensemble 
Masters of Near and Middle Eastern Music

With the Philharmonic Society of Orange County

Salaamuna is an Arabic word meaning ‘our peace’ and is a powerful name for this ensemble of award-winning world-class musicians.

Salaamuna Ensemble has performed for thousands of enthusiastic audiences,
making new fans and friends along the way.  Salaamuna Ensemble has been receiving praise everywhere they perform, from theaters to schools venues.  

“Listening to them I was struck by the notion that of all the groups presented
this was the one that gave me non Western rhythms and instruments
that were new to me -- what I came to the fest to hear”,
said audience member Jon Breyfogle at California Worldfest in Grass Valley.

Director and creator John Zeretzke formed the group in 2005 when approached by Music Center Of Los Angeles Artistic Director Barbara Leonard to help form a musical group for this genre of music, for performances in southern California. 

“The Salaamuna Ensemble performance was one of our most popular ever.”, said Michael Solomon, Managing Director of the Music Center of Los Angeles Education Division and Director of World City at Disney Hall. “Audience members found the music mesmerizing.  Personally, I was amazed at the artistry of each musician.” 
Members of the ensemble include Souhahil Kaspar, Houman Pourmehdi, Hasan Manawi, Dimitri Mahlis, Henry Azra, Victoria Carter, Dr. Jihad Racy
and John Zeretzke.  We pay special regards to our former musicaian and world renown oudist, the late John Bilezikjian, whom we miss greatly.
The World Pathways Ensemble presents a fresh, new vision of traditional music of the world along with contemporary interpretations and modern ideas sparking new colors and sounds…ancient musical styles mixed with new ideas to form new pathways in music and sound. 

Director John Zeretzke has brought together some of the most renown traditional and contemporary musicians from around the globe to unite together in exploring new territories in the world of music.

Audience members will hear….
Traditional musical styles and folk tunes of the world mixed with European musical concepts and sounds.  We include the virtuosic sounds of the piano, not only from a classical viewpoint, but rightfully as a folk instrument played for centuries throughout the world and as a instrument bridging the world of jazz, modern and contemporary musical ideas to the forefront.  Also, from the ancient Sufi daf drums of Persia to the 900 year old nyckleharpa of Sweden to the ancient charango of the high Andes of South America, we will explore together the wonderful and magical sounds of instruments that have captivated the imaginations of civilizations for over thousands of years    

World Pathways Ensemble


World Pathways with the Philharmonic Society of Orange County

Musicians of the ensemble include Scott Hiltzik, Randy Gloss, Alfredo Lopez, Houman Pourmehdi and John Zeretzke

Enosi Greek Ensemble...coming soon!